How to Smoke Peppers – Make Delicious Smoked Peppers Easily

How to Smoke Peppers - Make Smoked Peppers Easily

Peppers are such a fantastic way to brighten almost any dish. The colors, and the flavors elevate each plate they are added to.

We’ve enjoyed dicing them, sautéing them, and stuffing them with cheese and then grilling them wrapped in bacon. Once the season for harvesting them is gone, you have to use them quickly before they go bad or get eaten.

Our family has a better way to make peppers last all year long and make them even more delicious without losing their healthy nutrients. We like to smoke them on our electric smoker. 

So, in this article, I am going to show you how to smoke peppers in your smoker.

Also, by using this smoking technique, you can make your peppers last all year and enjoy whenever you want.

​How to Smoke Peppers

​Each spring, our small lovely garden begins with each family member picking their favorite seedlings and then taking care for them to raise enough to be harvested through the late summer.

I personally prefer to combine smoked peppers with smoked or grilled brisket. Everytime I am smoking a brisket on my backyard, I grab some peppers from my small garden and throw them into the smoker.

I have never failed to impressed my guests with the combination of a delicious and juicy brisket with the taste of fresh smoked peppers and other vegetables.

But, if you are wondering what's my secret, then I can guarantee ​you that the smoking process is the key to make a perfect smoked meal.

We all know that peppers and vegetables in general are very delicate and eveytime you try to grill or smoke them, they can be quickly burned or taste bad if you don't follow the steps carefully.​

That's why I am going to show you step-by-step how to smoke peppers and other similar vegetables.​

​What You Need to Smoke Peppers

​Peppers of course. We always plant jalapenos, serrano’s, bell, chili and habaneros, just to keep it interesting and diversify the taste. Here is a complete list of what you’ll to get started with smoking peppers.

Required Items:

  • Peppers, your choice
  • Smoker, with wood or Electric Smoker
  • Cutting board, tray, and knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dehydrator or oven

After you make sure that you have all the required items, you have to prepare the peppers for smoking.

Preparing Peppers for Smoking​

Preparing Pepper for Smoking

The first thing to do to prepare your peppers for smoking is to clean them by placing under running water.

After you make sure that they are clean of dirt, you can remove the seeds or if you like, you can keep them. The seeds and the veins inside the pepper will add to the overall heat. If you want to reduce the scoville scale temperature on your peppers cut these out. However, this will not increase how long it takes to smoke peppers.

  • Quick Kitchen Tip: Use gloves when preparing your peppers. The skin of some peppers have an oil on them that gets on your fingers and transfers onto anything you touch. The hotter the reputation of the pepper, the hotter the oil on the skin is.

Smoking Your Peppers

After you prepared your peppers, it is time to start smoking them.​

If you are using an electric smoker, just turn it on and set the temperature at about 200° and wait until it reaches the temperature.

If you don't have an electric smoker, you need to start your fire, add your wood, and bring the temperature of your offset smoke to no lower than 200°, and no higher than 225°.

After the smoker/smoke has reached the recommended temperature, lay out some aluminum foil on the cooking surface, away from the fire, and carefully lay down your peppers on them.

Smoked Peppers Aluminum Foil

Image Credit: My Fare Foodie

Note: If you want a bolder taste on your smoked peppers, use a mesquite or hickory wood. For lighter taste, pecan or a fruit wood like peach might be better to enhance the flavor.

After your peppers start smoking, keep checking the temperature frequently to maintain it at the recommended levels.

After 2-3 hours of maintaining the recommended temperature, your peppers should be soft, not to wrinkled, and ready to come off.

Two Ways to Serve Smoked Peppers

I prefer serving the smoked peppers in one of two ways:

Serving Smoked Peppers

The first way to serve smoked peppers is to take the peppers and sear the skin off of them over a fire. Brush the skin keeping a little sear on the peppers and after you remove their skin, slice them into strips, and pack in garlic infused olive oil. You can decide to jar them for later and eat them on sandwiches, pizza or smoked meat.

The second way to serve smoked peppers is to take them to a dehydrator or your oven. Set the temperature between 140° to 150° and dehydrate the peppers for 12-14 hours. After you take them off the oven or the dehydrator, let them cool for a while and then grind coarsely, or fine and sprinkle on your favorite dishes.

Also, it is recommended to store smoked peppers in plastic bags or jars and keep in a ambient dark place like your pantry. You can find reusable containers at restaurant supply stores or you can even use a mason jar.

Final Thoughts

Smoking peppers and vegetables in general should be an easy and enjoyable experience but it can be quickly transformed into an issue if you don't know how to properly do it.

Two main things to have in mind when smoking peppers are the the recommended temperatures and the amount of time needed to smoke them.

The temperature should be about 200° to 225° and make sure to maintain it for about 2-3 hours. That's also the time needed for peppers to get properly smoked even though it is based on your preferences.

That's a quick and effective guide on how to smoke peppers.​

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