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My name is Kendrick and I am the founder of FuriousGrill.

I am a food technologist by day and BBQ Pitmaster on weekends, currently living in Kansas, USA.

When I started this site, I had one thing on my mind: To share with everyone my knowledge and passion for food, grilling and outdoor cooking.

Kendrick C Kotter

As you may already know, I love grilling and I currently own a 3-burner Weber S310 grill and I am planning to soon upgrade to a bigger model and create a nice barbecue spot on my backyard.

I try to do a Sunday Barbecue party almost every weekend and invite a couple of friends but I always use the grill occasionally during the week to cook different foods. No indoor cooking technique can beat the delicious, juicy, and smoky taste of a good grilled steak.

My vision for this site is simple:

  • To become a trusted resource where people can come often and learn new delicious and quick grilling/smoking recipes.
  • To provide the best, most reliable and easy to understand grilling and smoking techniques and how-to guides.
  • To create a wide grilling/smoking community of supportive and passionate individuals willing to help and share with each other grilling tips and tricks.

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8 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Came upon your site looking for how long to smoke a chicken breast. Was mesmerized by your site. I would really appreciate if you could please add me to your newsletter list.
    Thanks and keep up the great job you are doing
    Jim Stoll former pitmaster. Lincoln Nebraska

  2. Hello Kendrick,
    Im Don. I really enjoyed your article on Capicola.
    I enjoy cooking and feeding friends and family. I also enjoy doing new recipes. I am currently in the process of curing some Buckboard Bacon.
    I am looking forward to your newsletter.
    P.S. I was born in Topeka Kansas many years ago.
    Thanks, Don N. North Platte Ne.

  3. Hi Kendrick,
    I really found your pork shoulder article informative and well written.
    One point you might look into is the done temperature of the pork shoulder…
    I have smoked a multitude of shoulders and, at 160 degrees it is technically ‘safe’ but a bit far from done with regard to internal tenderness and collagen/ fat breakdown. Ive seen many recommendations to wrap it in foil at 165 (which I don’t do) but, you then continue the cook to an internal temperature of 200-205 degrees.
    You will notice an amazing difference in the flavor and texture of the meat at this temperature. Also, I wrap and rest the meat for 1 hour after smoking.
    Just my opinion…

    • Hello Jay,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I will give it a try next time I smoke a pork shoulder. I have never smoked it until 200-205°F and will let you know how it goes.

      Cheers, Kendrick.

  4. Hey Kendrick, I found your site checking out different opinions on smoking chilis. I grow quite the variety, mostly hot and super hot. I normally dry them naturally just by hanging them by string, then turn them to powder. This year I thought to try smoking them first. This summer is putting my garden to the test with the 100+ days here in Southwest/South Central Kansas. Happy Grilling. Dave

    • Hello David,
      I am glad you enjoyed the site. I am quite fan of smoking chilis too, and I mostly use the hanging method and drying them.

      Happy Grilling and Kind Regards,

  5. We’re hosting a family gathering in a few weeks and I was looking around for pointers, found your site and I think I’m now ready to smoke some yard bird! We’re doing leg quarters for 18 – 20 people and my smoker has 4 shelves so I think I’m good doing 16 at a time! We’re planning to par-boil them a bit while the smoker comes up to temperature! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks – Jack

    • Hello Jack,
      Thanks for visiting my site.
      Smoked leg quarters would taste great, I think you made the right choice. They are such a good option for a large gathering.
      One thing I recommend doing is watch out to not overcook, they can quickly become dry if are cooked more than recommended. Try to use a cooking thermometer, so you remove them at the recommended internal temperature.
      Also, If you want them to be extra juicy, you can leave them brining for a few hours before cooking. I always brine before cooking, so I recommend you to try it.

      I hope this helps, let me know how it goes.
      Cheers Kendrick!


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