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Kendrick C Kotter

Hello and welcome to Furious Grill. My name is Kendrick and I am the founder of this website.

I am just an ordinary man living in Kansas, USA who has a degree in Food Technology and loves food a lot (Who Doesn't?).

When I started this website, I had only one thing on my mind: To share with anyone my knowledge and passion for food; grilling and outdoor cooking in particular.

As you already learned, I love grilling and I am currently using a 2 burner Weber S210‚Äč grill but I am planning to upgrade to a bigger and more advanced grill soon.

I try to do a Sunday Barbecue almost every weekend in my backyard with my family and sometimes with my friends but I always use my grill occasionally during the week to cook different foods. No indoor cooking technique can beat the delicious, juicy, and smoky taste of a good grilled steak.

My vision for this site is simple:

  • To become a trusted resource where people can come often and learn new delicious and quick grilling/smoking recipes.
  • To provide the best, most reliable and easy to understand grilling and smoking techniques and how-to guides.
  • To create a wide grilling/smoking community of supportive and passionate individuals willing to help and share with each other grilling tips and tricks.

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  1. Came upon your site looking for how long to smoke a chicken breast. Was mesmerized by your site. I would really appreciate if you could please add me to your newsletter list.
    Thanks and keep up the great job you are doing
    Jim Stoll former pitmaster. Lincoln Nebraska


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