Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

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Picking a high quality 2 burner grill would be the best possible option, no matter if you are on a budget, have limited space or are new to grilling world.

Although it may be small for some people, you can still manage to feed a large gathering using a small grill, while you save a lot of money and space on your backyard.

In this article, we will take a better look at some of the best 2 burner gas grills available on the market, by giving you the pros and cons of owning each one.

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In a Rush? Here's Our Winner!

  • Stylish Modern Design
  • Great Performance
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Open Cart Design
  • Foldable Side Table
  • 10 Years of Warranty

Quick Comparison Table for the Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

Grill Name

Cooking Area (in2)

Dimensions (in)

Price Range

Our Rating


57 x 34 x 53



24.5 x 42.9 x 44



24.1 x 45.6 x 41.9



45 x 47 x 29



23 x 46.8 x 47.2


Things to Consider when Picking a 2 Burner Gas Grill

There are a few things to have in mind before you pick the best model for your needs:

Construction Material & Build Quality

Probably the most important thing to consider on a gas grill is the construction material. Even though 2 burner gas grills are relatively cheap, still you don’t want your unit to rust and stop working after one year of usage.

You are looking for a product which is made of high-quality materials, preferably stainless steel, porcelain enameled or other high-grade materials.

Size & Dimensions

When deciding to pick a 2 burner gas grill, you are already prepared to have a compact sized unit. However, it is better to have at least 200-250 square inches of cooking space. Anything smaller than that would be a little bit too small and will not cook enough food for a small group of people.

Also, having a warming rack or additional side tables is always good. Some models have a tuck-away warming rack on top of the main grate, so it will not take cooking space but still would be functional.

Cooking Area & Grates

Another thing you should be looking before picking the right gas grill model is the grates type and construction. Just like the outside construction, the grates can also rust or not work properly, by leaving you with un-even cooked food.

Grates made of cheap materials will have several hot and cold spots because the heat coming from the burners will not be evenly distributed across the surface.

You should be looking for cast iron or stainless steel grates. These materials, no matter if they are porcelain enameled or not, retain and distribute the heat faster and evenly across the surface, making the cooking experience much better.

Also, having a non-stick grate is a huge benefit as you won’t have difficulties cleaning the food which stick to surface.

Warranty & Support

It doesn’t matter if you are new to grilling or are an experienced grill master, having a warranty on a gas grill is a huge advantage.

If something goes bad, you are covered and can easily get a replacement from the manufacturer.

The products on this list do all come with a warranty, even though some of them have only limited warranty on specific parts, such as burners or grates, still it is better than nothing.

Reviews of the Best 2 Burner Gas Grills of 2020

1. Weber Spirit II E-210 - Best Overall Pick


Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Steel
  • Grate Material:  Porcelain-Enameled, Cast Iron
  • Total Cooking Space:  450 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  48 x 26 x 57 in
  • Weight:  103 lbs
  • Warranty:  10 Years Weber Guarantee


The Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill is the entry model of the Weber's Spirit Series. It features a modern design, GS4 Grilling System, great performance, color options and come with 10 Years of Warranty.

First, we have the Weber Spirit II E-210. It is the entry level grill of the Weber’s Spirit series, with compact & practical design, perfect for everyday grilling.

On the outside, it is mostly made of steel and features a shiny black lid, which gives this grill a sleek and modern design. If you don’t like the black color, there are three other colors to choose from Ivory, Red & Sapphire.

The two burners are capable of up to 26,500 BTUs per hour and there is a fuel gauge next to them to tell you how much fuel it is left from the tank. The infinity ignition on each burner is guaranteed to ignite every time you want to fire up the grill.

As for the cooking area, it features around 450 square inches of cooking space over its porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates, and thanks to its burner tubes placement, it will provide even heat distribution across all over the surface. One small touch we like about the cooking grates is the reversible feature which allows you to be more creative with your dish. There is one thin side, ideal for food such as fish and shrimp and there is one thick side, for thick searing marks to enhance the flavor of your food.

It comes with the Weber’s GS4 Grilling System, which is a package of improved infinity ignition, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars and advanced grease management system.

Other worth mentioning features is the warming racks, the foldable side table on the left side and the six integrated hooks for hanging your grilling tools.


  • Nice Design
  • Great Performance
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • 10 Years of Warranty


  • Assembly Takes a Bit Long

2. Char-Broil Performance 300 - Best Cheap 2 Burner Gas Grill


Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Grate Material:  Porcelain Coated, Cast Iron
  • Total Cooking Space:  400 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  24.5 x 42.9 x 44 in
  • Weight:  90.6 lbs
  • Warranty:  5 Years Limited


The Performance 300 by Char-Broil is the best budget propane gas grill on our list. It has durable construction, good performance, plenty of cooking space and comes at a very affordable price point.

The Performance 300 model is a cabinet style gas grill and one of the most sold models from Char-Broil.

It features two stainless steel top-ported burners, for long-lasting performance and better temperature control. They will deliver around 24,000 BTUs per hour across the 300 square inches of cooking surface, more than enough for about 16 burgers. There is also a 100 square inches Swing-away warming rack, for extra cooking area and ideal for sides for warming foods.

Overall, the main cooking area is 15.9 inches wide by 18.5 inch long and the grates are made of porcelain coated, cast iron material. This will make sure that the food will not stick, it is easier to clean and they will not rust eventually.

The outside construction and lid are made of stainless steel for increased durability and to stand up to tough weather conditions.

The side tables are made of metal and are foldable for more space. Also, the cabinet style offers extra storage space under the grill and keeps the propane tank out of sight. The whole unit stands on four casters for easy moving around and positioning.

Other worth mentioning features is the lid mounted temperature gauge, the removable grease pan for easy cleaning and the electronic ignition system, which will offer a fast and reliable startup every time you push the button.


  • Cabinet Style Design
  • Stainless Steel Durable Construction
  • 100 Square Inches of Swing Away Warming Rack


  • Small Main Cooking Area When Compared to Competitors

3. Char-Broil Classic 280 - Budget Pick


Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Porcelain-Coated Steel
  • Grate Material:  Porcelain Coated
  • Total Cooking Space:  280 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  24.1 x 45.6 x 41.9 in
  • Weight:  46 lbs
  • Warranty:  5 Years Limited


The Char Broil Classic 280 is the cheapest and the smallest gas grill model on this list. If you are on a limited space and budget, then this model with 280 square inches may be the perfect option for you.

We have another model from Char-Broil, this time their Classic 280 model.

Obviously, it is a 2 burner grill delivering around 20,000 BTUs per hour, spread across the 280 square inches of cooking space. The surface is relatively small when compared to other competitor models but it is large enough to cook food for the whole family.

The cooking area measures 20-inches wide by 14-inches deep and the cooking grates are porcelain coated, to prevent the food from sticking and to make the cleaning process much easier.

The two burners are made of stainless steel, making them durable and offering great performance. They are fired up by the Piezo ignition system, which offers a fast and reliable startup with a push of a button.

In addition to 2 main burners, there is an 8000 BTUs side burner, ideal for preparing side dishes or sauces while the food is cooking. On the other side, you can find a metal side shelf for extra preparation space.

Even though it weighs around 38 pounds, the Classic 280 features two 6 inch wheels for easily moving around.


  • Affordable Price
  • Compact Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Side Burner


  • Small Cooking Space

4. Weber Genesis II E-210 - Best High-End 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill


Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Grate Material:  Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron
  • Total Cooking Space:  494 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  45 x 47 x 29 in
  • Weight:  140 lbs
  • Warranty:  10 Years Weber Guarantee


The Weber Genesis II E-210 is the very similar to the Spirit II model featured in the upper section, except this model has a more high end stainless steel construction. So, if you want a very durable model, this may be the perfect option.

This product is an improved, more high-end version of the first Weber Spirit II E-210 model we featured at the beginning of this list. To learn more about the differences between two of Weber’s most popular series, read our Spirit vs Genesis Guide.

The Genesis II E-210 features stainless steel all around construction, giving it a more high-end look when compared to other models on the market.

It comes with around 380 square inches of main cooking space and around 114 square inches of Tuck-away warming rack, making a total of 494 square inches of cooking space. The main grate is made of porcelain enameled cast iron material, which will provide an even temperature distribution across all surface.

This model features two high performance tapered shape burners, which will deliver a consistent gas flow and are fired up every time by the Infinity ignition system. You only have to turn the knob and the gas will start the burner each time, every time.

Just like other Genesis models and Weber’s gas grills products, this model comes with the GS4 Grilling System, which is a high-performance grilling package of high-performance burners, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars and an advanced grease management system for reducing flare-ups and making clean up easy.

Other features worth mentioning are the iGrill3 Compatibility, the side tables, and the integrated hooks to hang your grilling tools.


  • Superior Construction
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • 10 Years of Warranty


  • A Bit Expensive


Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Steel
  • Grate Material:  Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron
  • Total Cooking Space:  445 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  23 x 46.8 x 47.2 in
  • Weight:  115 lbs
  • Warranty:  5 Years Limited


The Signature TRU-Infrared 325 from Char-Broil is the only model with the Infrared Technology in this list. It features durable overall construction, plenty of cooking space and great performance, making it an ideal small-size option for the master griller.

Another product we decided to review is the Signature TRU-Infrared 325 model from Char-Broil.

One thing which stands out when you see this gas grill is the all-around steel construction, making it an ideal small-size solution for the master griller.

It features two top-ported 443 stainless steel burners, which are highly adjustable to deliver high heat or very low cooking temperatures all over the cooking surface. This is also thanks to the TRU infrared cooking system, which allow the grill to use the infrared technology to prevent hot or cold spots on the surface, use less gas and offer greater temperature control.

The Signature’s 2 burners are fired up with the Surefire Electronic Ignition system from Char-Broil. It is a reliable system which will start your fire every time you need it. Char-Broil has also a troubleshoot article to help you fix the problem, if you cannot start your grill. 

This model comes with 325 square inches of cooking space and 120 square inches of warming rack. The grates are made of porcelain coated, cast iron material, making them rust-resistant and easy to clean.

One feature which we liked is the dual fuel and temperature lid-mounted gauge, offering you more convenience and enjoyable experience.

This product has a cabinet style design, with a large stainless steel door on the front to hide the tank and to store additional items needed for grilling. 


  • TRU Infrared Grilling System
  • Durable Construction
  • Duel Fuel & Temperature Gauge


  • Several users complain about the drip cleaning being difficult

Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Mix
  • Grate Material:  Porcelain-Coated
  • Total Cooking Space:  285 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  19 x 34 x 14 in
  • Weight:  50.8 lbs


The Coleman Roadtrip LXX is the perfect go-to model if you are into camping, picknicking or tailgating. It has relatively big cooking surface, Instastart ignition and a Swaptop Interchangable Design.

The Coleman RoadTrip LXX is one of the best 2 burner gas grill you can get if you are really looking for a portable option.

If you are into camping, picnicking with friends, tailgating etc. then this should be your go-to grill model.

The overall cooking space is at 285 square inches, which is relatively large, especially taking in consideration that it's a portable unit. This is the same cooking surface that some non-portable models feature. Worth mentioning is that all the cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated material, which make them very easy to clean-up.

The 2 burners are capable of producing up to 20,000 BTUs, more than enough to cook most of the foods.

Coleman has designed this model with portability and mobility as their main priority. They have added an Instastart ignition, making the light up of the burners pretty easy, without needing any matches.

This unit features an Swaptop Interchangeable design, which allow you to switch in griddle top or stove grates, giving you the ability to use it on a camping trip as a grill or just for preparing a quick breakfast.


  • Swaptop Interchnageable Design
  • Instastart Ignition
  • 20,000 BTUs


  • Not the Largest Cooking Area

Technical Details:

  • Construction Material:  Mix
  • Grate Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Total Cooking Space:  277 Square Inches
  • Dimensions:  22 x 13 x 17 in
  • Weight:  22 lbs


The Cuisinart CGG-306 is the perfect tabletop-style gas grill for indoor and outdoor use. It has compact dimensions, lightweight and portable design and is a solid pick for your next indoor and outdoor adventure.

Next, we have another portable model worth considering as one of the best 2 burner gas grill. The Cuisinart CGG-306 is a Chef's Style, tabletop gas grill.

This model is a good option for those who are considering picking a gas grill for indoor and outdoor usage.

This unit has compact dimensions, about the size of a large panini press, giving you the comfort of an indoor kitchen wherever you are.

It offers two 2 stainless steel burners, which are capable of producing up to 20,000 BTUs. Each burner is individual controlled with dedicated knob, allowing you to simultaneous grill. 

As for ignition, the Cuisinart has integrated an electronic ignition with the knobs of each burner, so you get fire everytime you try.

What we like about this unit is the integrated thermometer and the adjustable burner knobs, which will allow you to control the heat of the unit.

This gas grill requires no assembly, meaning that can be up and ready for under 10 minutes. The whole unit has an overall weight of only 22 lbs., lightweight enough to be fitted in any compact car. It has an locking cover, folding legs and a comfortable carrying handle, so you can easily transport it anywhere.


  • Compact Table-Top Design
  • Foldable & Carry Case
  • No Assembly Required


  • Not the Largest Cooking Area

Our Editor's Pick:

  • Stylish Modern Design
  • Great Performance
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Open Cart Design
  • Foldable Side Table
  • 10 Years of Warranty

Advantages of Owning a 2 Burner Gas Grill

Compact Dimensions - Saving Space

Probably one of the main reasons why you are picking a 2 burner grill is because you don’t have a lot of space. If you live in a small house and have limited patio space, then a two burner grill would be ideal.

With such a model, you can enjoy the delicious grilled foods while still manage to not take all the backyard space with one grill.

Despite these models coming in compact dimensions, there are still capable of cooking a lot of food and some models have additional side tables or warming racks too. Don’t expect to be able to cook enough food to feed a large gathering but with around 200-300 square inches of cooking space, you will still be able to feed a medium size family or gathering, just like a normal gas grill.

Affordable Price

These grill models come at a very affordable price point. And that is because of their compact dimensions and lack of advanced features.

A small size grill is more focused on delivering great performance without having fancy and expensive features, such as integrated thermometers or high-end materials.

This way, you get a gas grill, focused on providing consistent heat and even temperature to cook your favorite foods without you having to spend a fortune.

Final Thoughts

After we took a better look at all the products featured in this list, we think that the winner for the best 2 burner gas grill overall is the Weber Spirit II E-210

It has a modern open-cart design and features the Weber's GS4 Grilling System which is a package of high performance burners, infinity ignition, Flavorizer Bars & Grease management system.

If you want to go for a more budget pick, we think that the Char Broil Performance 300 is the best 2 burner affordable gas grill. It features durable construction, great performance, useful features and more importantly, it comes at a very affordable price.

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