How to Clean Your Gas Grills Exterior

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Cleaning and maintaining your gas grill is an important process that should be regularly done in order for your unit to last longer and not lose its performance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pit master, cleaning your gas grill is a mandatory step and should not be skipped.

We previously put together a full step-by-step guide on how to clean the interior of your gas grill and today decided to write a full guide for the exterior cleaning of your unit.

Without further due, let’s start!

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Gas Grill

Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to cleaning, especially doing a deep clean, a lot of people have different opinions if it should be done every time you use the grill or 2-3 times per year.

I think that it depends on several factors, including how often do you use the grill, what kind of food do you cook more or if you have picked the best gas grill or not. A cheap construction may require more maintenance and cleaning than a durable high quality construction. 

Turn Off the Gas Valve

Before you start the cleaning process, you should make sure that the gas valve of your grill is completely closed. You don’t want any dangerous gasses running through your grill, especially when you are cleaning it.

Go to the propane tank and rotate the valve clockwise until it strengthens and no gas is running through.

In addition to that, if you are using natural liquid propane, locate the lever coming through the hose and close it down.

Check the Drip Pan

Most gas grills models have a drip pan or cup usually located under the grill which collects the grease and drips from the cooked food.

It is recommended for you to regularly check it and empty it if it is full. If it needs to be replaced or cleaned, you can choose to clean the surface and replace the liner with a fresh aluminum plate or tin can.

If you have a non-removable drip pan, then the best possible solution is to wipe out the grease with some paper towels and try to clean it with some soapy water and a sponge.

Prepare the Soapy Water

In order for you to clean the exterior parts of your gas grill, you need soapy water which will make the grease and other residues softer and easier to clean.

Grab a bucket and fill it with water. Make a soapy water solution by adding 1 teaspoon of dish soap per quart of water filled.

Wiping the Exterior

After you prepared the soapy water solution, you should start wiping the exterior surfaces of your grill using an old rag.

Continuously dip the old rag into the soapy water and clean all the surfaces of the grill’s exterior. Make sure to remove any food bits clinging to the metal which may cause corrosion later if it is left untouched.

Also, pay close attention to the areas near the burner knobs which are usually filled with drippings and make sure to clean the side burner section with a soapy rag as well.

Rinse the Soap Away

If there are any noticeable spots forming due to soap bubbles, then you should clean them using a hose. Just make sure you use the hose gently and there is not a lot of water going to the inside parts of the grill.

Use Stainless Steel Cleaners

If your gas grill has a stainless steel surface and construction, especially on the outside, then you can use a glass or stainless steel cleaners to polish the surface.

Spray the glass/steel cleaner on the surface and wipe it out with a paper towel to make the surface look shiny again.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your gas grill should become a habit if you don’t want to replace it and buy a new grill every year due to rust and corrosion damaging the surface.

The whole cleaning process should not take long and can be done on your backyard, with just a few basic tools and items that you are using for other purposes around your house.

If you still have some questions regarding the exterior cleaning of your gas grill, then here are some answers to the most frequently asked question on the grilling communities:


Can you run the hose through your grill's exterior?

No, it is not recommended for you to run the hose through the surface of the grill. It will damage the grill and probably make you to replace it, especially if the water goes inside the burners.

What you can do instead, is that you can use a hose to clean the soapy water from external parts of the grill, such as the lid or the side panels. However, even in those parts, you should be very careful to only use the hose gently.

Should you use warm or cold soapy water?

There is no exact rule if the water should be warm or cold but I recommend you to use warm water. If you go with cold water, the grease and food bits may take a lot longer to soften and make the cleaning process more difficult.

Can I clean the exterior only using paper towels?

If you don’t want to use soapy water, then it is completely fine to use just paper towels or cloth. However, the results will not be very good and the old grease and debris will not be completely removed.

Should I clean the exterior while the grill is cold or warm?

I recommend you to clean your grill slightly after you use it, so it is a bit warm but not too hot for you to touch parts.

While the grill is warm, the grease and debris are much softer and much easier to be cleaned.

How often should I clean my grill exterior?

I recommend you to do a deep cleaning of your grill exterior at least a couple times per year. It may depend on how often you use the grill but if you occasionally use it on weekends or for bbq party with friends, 3-4 times per year I think is enough.

However, I suggest you do a quick cleaning of grates and remove any noticeable food bits off the grill after each use.

Gas Grill Detailing Process (Video by Adam's Polishes)

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