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Want great food? Then, get great equipment to make it.

When you are looking for a good built-in grill, you want it to offer two things: outdoor cooking experience with indoor convenience and smooth, sleek design to perfectly fit with your garden.

One of the chef’s greatest allies is the propane built-in gas grill that combines elegance, speed, and functionality. Designed to fit into custom-built spaces in your kitchen, these pieces of equipment will take the hassle out of cooking while ensuring that your kitchen looks attractive. You can make professional-looking meals out of them.

The market is flooded with different built-in grills from different manufacturers and come with varying specifications and capabilities. It can, however, be an uphill task to select a grill that meets your needs. The good news is that this article will give you all the information you need regarding the 5 best built-in grills.

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In a Rush? Here's Our Winner!

  • 830 Square Inches of Cooking Area
  • 304-16 Stainless Steel Superior Construction
  • 4 Main Burners - 75,000 BTUs
  • Adjustable Warming Rack
  • Infrared Back Burner
  • Lifetime Warranty on Cast Burners

Built In Grills Comparison Table

Grill Name

Editor's Rating

Price Range

Cooking Space





80,000 BTUs



75,000 BTUs



60,000 BTUs



76,000 BTUs



48,000 BTUs



Pellet Grill

Our Quick Consideration List

Our Top Picks for Built In Grills

#1 - The first built in grill option you can consider is the Napoleon BILEX605RBIPSS. It is a propane gas powered grill, with a 850 square inches of cooking capacity. The whole grill is made of high quality stainless steel materials, which ensure that this product will last long and is very durable. Its four burners are made of stainless steel and they also feature stainless steel sear plates to vaporize dripping and control flare-ups. (Full Review)

#2 - (Editor's Choice) - Next, we have the Lion Premium L75623 Grill. This model is a natural gas powered grill, with about 830 square inches of total cooking space. The cooking grates are made of premium solid stainless steel material and it is heated by the four total burners, three placed in the middle and one on the side. They all together produce up to 75,000 total BTUs, more than enough to fulfill any cooking needs. It also features a double layer seamless welded steel smoker head with polished edges. (Full Review)

#3 - The Bull Outdoor Products is the next built-in grill you can consider for your home. It features four porcelain coated Bar burners, producing in total more than 60,000 BTUs. You can separately light them up using the separated Piezo Igniters on each burner. This grill features a 16 gauge 304 high quality stainless steel built, making sure that get a durable product. (Full Review)

#4 - The fourth option in this list is the Weber Summit S-460. It is a natural gas powered grill, made of high quality stainless steel material. It features 4 stainless steel burners as well, producing up to 48,000 BTUs and a sear burner producing 10,600 BTUs. Also, you get a 6,800 BTUs per hour input smoker burner and a stainless steel smoker box, to easily transform this grill into a smoker. All these burners are light up by the Snap-Jet ignition system and are used to heat a 580 square inches of total cooking space. (Full Review)

#5 - The Napoleon Lex 485 is the second Napoleon product in this list and that's for a reason. It is a affordable model of the first featured product, with four burners, producing about 48,000 BTUs in total. With this product, you will get about 675 square inches of cooking space and stainless steel overall built materials. (Full Review)

#Bonus - We decided to include one bonus model in this list. The Memphis Elite is a pellet powered grill but what makes this product special, is the technology integrated into it. It has intelligent temperature control with WiFi, which will give you the ability to control it from anywhere. It has a dual convection fan and double wall construction, to give you even heat distribution and very efficient pellet burn. It comes with the Smart Memphis Mobile App, where you can monitor, watch and adjust the grill, food and temperatures while you are away. (Full Review)

Why You Should Read Reviews Before Buying a Grill?

60 Hours of Research

30 Products Considered

6 Top Picks

Choosing the perfect built-in gas grill can be a tough choice. Considering the high prices these models come, you should make a smart decision as it will last for years to come.

But, what should you look for? How many burners are enough? What type of construction do you need? I’ll answer all these questions and several more in the article below, giving you all the information needed for your next purchase.

With so many models available, you can get easily confused trying to decide which one best fits your needs and budget.

Reading reviews and buying guides not only will save you time and money but will allow you to easily compare several models with each other, giving you the ability to decide which one is the perfect fit for your needs and preferences.

We took a better look on features, design and technical details of some of the best gas grill heads on the market today, also backed by hundreds of previous user reviews and manufacturer history:

Reviews of the Best Built In Gas Grills

Let's start this list with the Napoleon BILEX605 propane grill.

This grill has a big capacity of 850 square inches and requires propane to ignite. It has a full-width drip pan that is removable for easier cleaning.

Napoleon has a jet fire ignition system that comes with a stainless steel wave cooking grids and ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge to control the heat.

Its lift ease roll top lid helps you save space.

Another beautiful thing about this built-in grill is that it has durable stainless steel commercial grade burners with sear plates that quickly vaporize any dripping and keeps flare-ups under control.

The ceramic infrared burner at the bottom ensures perfect searing. Its I-GLOW backlit control knobs ensure the party goes on even at night.

This grill combines elegance and perfection in your kitchen. Apart from helping you make delicious meals, it adds style to your kitchen area.

Do not forget to cover your grill since it tends to flood the drip pans once it rains. Installing it indoors or covering it while out in the open will simply solve this problem.


  • Easy to Clean
  • I-GLOW Backlit Controls
  • Stainless Steel Sear Plates
  • Large Cooking Capacity


  • A Bit Expensive

Lion Premium L75623 32” Natural Gas Grill - Best Built-In Grill for 2020

Next, we have the Lion Premium L75623 Natural Gas Grill. 

This magnificent grill has 4 cast burners with 75,000 total BTUs made of stainless steel.

The lifetime warranty the equipment’s on cast burners sweetens the deal further. This clearly shows that the manufacturers are confident about their product.

Its 304-16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel makes this equipment sturdy. 

Also, it comes with an XL temperature gauge to ensure that your food doesn’t burn. Its smoker is also made of stainless steel with polished edges.

Its cooking space (830 sq) is ample enough to cook for various people. The availability of a smoker means you can grill your food as your fish continue to smoke. It has five big size push-to-turn knobs, adjustable warming rack, and Quick Lite valves.


  • Comes with a Smoker
  • Adjustable Warming Rack
  • Made of Sturdy Stainless Steel
  • Large Cooking Space


  • The Rotisseries Rust Over Time

This Bull Outdoor Products grill is constructed using a sturdy 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. This is one of the highest qualities of stainless steel and It's also one of the thickest materials in the grill industry. This makes sure you get a sturdy grill that is also highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

Its hood is dual lined with single piece construction to ensure that there are no unsightly seams or screws, which tend to cause structural failure. 

The dual hood ensures even distribution of heat on the inside and a cool outer surface. This ensures that high temperatures do not discolor the stainless steel material, making your grill to remain in great shape for years.

Its grates are also made of stainless steel for better heat transfer. Every burner comes with Piezo Igniters, which are usually independent ignition systems that come with a minimal amount of wiring to ignite each burner directly.

Every igniter is shielded by a stainless steel enclosure to ensure that food drippings do not mess with the spark ignition. It has four porcelain coated Bar burners. For sure, this is one of the best built-in grills. This feature will ensure that you do not have to worry about drippings that make your grill dirty.


  • Distributes Heat Evenly
  • Stainless Steel Built
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Smoker Box Included


  • Adjustable Knobs Don't Rotate Fully

The Weber Summit S-460 has four stainless steel burners and is an insert unit type-of. This means that it is important to be sure that it will fit into its space within your kitchen before you buy it. 

The grill is versatile and has excellent temperature control. This is because of the four stainless steel tubular burners that emit even heat to grill your food to perfection.

It also tends to heat very fast and you can set it up easily. 

The rotisseries ensure your food comes out juicy and finger licking. It also comes with well-made covers.

The full kit independent rotisserie burner at the rear has an infrared set with 10,600 BTU input. It has a roll-in-place design, unlike the drop-in design used for most built-in designs.

This grill tends to heat very fast and the rotisserie adds elegance and functionality to it. If you love stylish things and would love to enjoy your grilling experience, this is your best built in grill. It has a solid construction and is easy to clean and maintain too.

It has a heavy-duty motor Snap-jet individual burner ignition system and 3/8 inch diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates.

This grill has been praised for working perfectly, though some people find the rotisseries a bit tricky to use initially. You might also have some slight problems installing this grill but once you have it done, you can enjoy making delicious meals for your family and friends.


  • Affordable
  • Great Performance
  • Roll-In-Place Design


  • Needs Regular Maintenance

Napoleon Built-In Lex 485 Propane Gas Grill - Best Built-In Grill for The Money

Next, we have another product from the Napoleon, the Napoleon Built-In Lex 485.

It is a big capacity grill, with about 675 square inches of total cooking area, capable of cooking tons of food for a huge party or family gathering. 

The whole cooking grid is made of high quality stainless steel and is designed to retain heat and also produce the famous Napoleon wave sear marks on your steaks. 

The cooking surface is heated by the four stainless steel tube burners, which are capable of providing even heating at a maximum power of 48,000 BTUs. If you don't want that much power, you can choose to use one or two of the four burners. 

The burners are fired by the Napoleon's jetfire ignition system, which makes sure that they fire up very easily with its jet flame shooting design.

One thing that I like about this particular grill is that it features an optional charcoal tray, which can turn your built-in Lex 485 into a smoker too. 


  • Napoleon's Jetfire Ignition
  • Very Cheap Compared to Competitors
  • Great Performance
  • High-Quality Materials


  • Only 675 Square Inches of Cooking Space

Memphis Grills Elite 39-inch - Best Pellet Built-In Gas Grill

This built-in grill is one of a kind due to its Intelligent Temperature Control with Wi-Fi that allows you the comfort of controlling it from anywhere. Memphis grill is made in the USA, making it a trusted brand. (About Memphis Grills)

This grill uses pellets and its dual convention fan coupled with double wall construction ensures there is even heat distribution.

Of all the gas, charcoal, or pellet griddles, this one has the most sophisticated capabilities any Wi-Fi grills can offer.

View on Amazon

With the Wi-Fi feature, you can easily use the Memphis Mobile App to keep an eye and adjust food temperatures when you are away. Are you thinking of smoking your fish for preservation? Well, get yourself one of this grills.

Memphis grill comes with a 10-foot wire that is used to connect it to the Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC). Whenever the grill’s temperature hits the ideal point, the ITC reduces it to warm.

The great thing about this feature is that it can read temperatures of different foods, which gives you the power to monitor multiple dishes at the same time.

What’s more, you can personalize the system to send you emails or text messages while you are busy to let you know that your food is grilled to perfection. You do not have to worry that your chicken might overcook in your absence. Simply cook your food on the go.


  • Automatic Pellets Ignition
  • Comes with a Smoker
  • Distributes Heat Evenly
  • Has Wi-Fi Features


  • A Bit Expensive


Here's Our Winner:

  • 830 Square Inches of Cooking Area
  • 304-16 Stainless Steel Superior Construction
  • 4 Main Burners - 75,000 BTUs
  • Adjustable Warming Rack
  • Infrared Back Burner
  • Lifetime Warranty on Cast Burners

All the above built-in grills will offer you a great grilling experience. Each has its own great features to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. However, if you are trying to buy the best built-in gas grill from this list, the Lion L75623 Premium Grill takes the lead.

This grill is worth your investment due to its numerous benefits. The fact that has a durable and high quality built, offered in a reasonable price, makes it stand out from the rest.

It has more than enough cooking space to prepare food for a huge party, 75,000 total BTUs and combined with the premium solid stainless steel cooking grates, this product will easily fulfill your needs.

As a runner-up, we decided to go for the bonus model of this list. The Memphis Elite is a pellet powered grill and the WiFi capabilities makes it stand out from the rest of the competitors.

The WiFi technology will ensure that you do not have to worry about burning as you can monitor it using the Memphis Mobile App. You can even set up this technology to send you a text message or email alerts whenever your food is perfectly cooked.

Although it tends to be on the pricey side when compared to the others, it is worth every penny. The service you get from this grill will make you forget its monetary worth. Nobody would hate having to monitor the cooking process remotely without having to be next to the grill.

Due to the advanced technology implemented in this grill, it is correct to say it one of the best pellet built in grills, offering all the features of a traditional pellet grill smoker on a bigger, more advanced unit.

Before spending your money on any cookware, it is good to have a clear idea of what kind of a grill you need to ensure it meets your requirements. With the above guide, however, making a choice between several of the best built in grills will no longer be a problem.

Why You Need a Built-In Natural Gas Grill? 

Built-in natural gas grills are designed to offer you a much more enjoyable experience when compared to traditional models. They are more focused on serious grillers who prefer to occasionally throw a barbecue party on their backyard or have designed their small patio corner and a sleek, high-performance grill is missing.

Even though there are some great stand-alone grill models available, having a fixed grill on its designated area has its own benefits. As these models are fixed in one place, they are fueled by natural gas connected to a dedicated gas line, offering a more enjoyable experience as you don’t have to change or refill the gas tanks after now and then.

Basically, they are permanently fixed on your garden and they are built to last for years without changing.

How We Choose the Our Products

All our products on this list are selected based on certain criteria which make these models stand out from the rest.

We selected the highest rated models based on construction and built quality, cooking space, heat distribution, power, performance, and other additional features.

Build & Construction

The best natural gas grill would ideally be made of 304-grade stainless steel or other durable materials. A body made of these materials will ensure you that your grill will last for years and will be durable to corrosions or light dents.

Models made of cast iron or porcelain materials are also great as they cut down the costs of the unit but they are more vulnerable to scratches, dents, and rust in the long run.

So, knowing what material the unit is made from is always important.

Cooking Area

It is always a good idea to pay attention to the cooking size of the grill. If you are picking a built-in natural gas grill to add to your little patio, then you are probably going to host a bbq in the future and cook for a group of people.

Having a large cooking area will make sure that you will not wait for food to cook and also will prevent you from overcrowding the food on the surface, which is not recommended, especially for meat.

Heat Distribution

Having a large and expensive grill when it has multiple cold and hot spots is useless. You are spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to get the best grill available and if it doesn’t have a perfect heat distribution, then it is not worth it.

If the heat distributes well across the entire surface, it will offer an even and consistent temperature, making your food to be perfectly cooked.

When it comes to heat distribution, there are several factors which should be considered. Grates and burners are one side but what most people forget are the insulation and the lid material. You want to have a double walled or well-insulated unit which will keep the heat inside and will not allow the hot air to escape.

High-quality construction and multiple burners contribute a lot on providing a good heat distribution.


You need to pick a product which has at least two burners, preferably three. Having multiple burners will make sure that the heat is evenly distributed and you can also cook on a two-zone indirect cooking method.

The number of burners will probably be related to the amount of space that is available on the unit but we think that having multiple burners is always good and doesn’t bring you any disadvantage.

As for heat output, on gas grills, the power is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units).

It is always good having a model with high BTUs output but if the heat is not evenly distributed, then there will be several hot spots across the surface. So, high BTU output is good when the surface is large. If you have a small grill, a lower BTU output will hold the heat well and offer great performance.


Related to the unit power, you should also get a model which is capable of offering a wide temperature range.

Usually, most models reach a maximum temperature of 390-400°F to the upper grate and 450-600°F to the lower grate.

Having such high-temperature ranges will help you to cook a huge variety of food which requires a hot and fast sear, making them crispy on outside and tender on the inside.

Also, one small touch which contributes to the performance of the unit is the type of ignition system it has.

Currently, there are three types of ignition systems:

  • Electronic Ignition System - These rely on batteries and are not very good as they can go bad and can become more expensive on running costs in the long run.
  • Piezo Electric Ignition System - These models are the most widely used as they offer a very convenient way of starting up the grill by just pressing the starter button or turning the knob. They have a signature clicking every time you use it.
  • Hot Surface Ignition - These are the high-end type of ignition systems. They rely on igniter rode that heats up instantly and lights the burners every time.

Additional Features

Due to the high increase in competition on the market, manufacturers tend to produce new products more often. They just add a new feature or improve one aspect and put the product in production.

Even though I don’t recommend you to focus a lot on additional features as they just tend to make the product more expensive without adding much value, there are certain features which are worth having.

Some extra features which I recommend to have are a sear or side burner, a rotisserie, built it thermometer, light indicators or heat dividers. It is not necessary for your grill to have all of them but any of them will probably help you during grilling.

Warranty & Brand

Investing such a high amount of money on a grill will probably make you a bit uncomfortable. What if things go bad or something breaks? That’s why having a warranty is always a good idea. The best possible option would be to have a lifetime limited warranty but not all manufacturers offer that, so the best option would be the longer the warranty, the better.

Also, picking a product from a well-known brand is always better. You will know the brand reputation upfront and if anything breaks, they will be more dedicated to helping you as they have a reputation to maintain. Also, finding parts for a well-known product is much easier than finding them for an unknown brand.

User Reviews & Previous Customers

Finally, probably the most important factor for many people is to read previous customers reviews. They have already tested the product and can tell for sure which works and which doesn’t.

You should take into account only the verified purchase reviews as there is a fake review war between some manufacturers in order to damage the reputation of each other.

You can read the Amazon seller pages for feedback and comments from their previous customers to create an idea of what to expect from a particular brand.

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