Best Grilling and Cooking Blogs to Follow Right Now

Best Cooking and BBQ Blogs

Here at Furious Grill, we know that you often have to trudge through a lot of uninformative blogs to get the right one. As avid grilling and cooking blog readers, we would like to help you with that.

Down below, we have highlighted some of our favorite and the best grilling/cooking blogs that we think you and any BBQ fan should follow.

Note: The blogs featured below are arranged in no particular order. We are fans of all of them.

A Bachelor And His Grill

A Bachelor and His Grill is a grilling/cooking blog ran by David. 

He is a published author, photographer, an awarded recipe developer, national TV cooking personality and an expert in the outdoor cooking.

He writes a lot of amazing recipes on his site and is definitely worth following.

Another Pint Please is an amazing grilling/cooking blog ran by Mike.

He loves grilling and photography a lot, so you will find some delicious recipes combined with some amazing high quality photos, which are definitely worth your time.

Arrogant Swine is an American Beer Hall located in the village of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NYC. 

It is ran by Tyson, which loves smoking meat and sharing his passion with everyone.

You can find some decent recipes on this website or if you are in NYC, you can go and visit Arrogant Swine by yourself.

Armadillo Peppers is a barbecue related site, mostly focused on hot sauces, bbq, jerky and snacks sauces.

Also, you can find a lot of barbecue articles on their blog as well as some delicious recipes which can be combined with one of their amazing sauce.

If you are looking for hot and other bbq sauces, the Armadillo Peppers is your place.

Barbecue Bros is a cool and interesting BBQ blog ran by three cool guys, Monk, Rudy & Speedy.

They all love BBQ and Grilling and are on a mission to experience barbecue in all forms at any joint they can find.

You will find cool and interesting articles and a ranking system based on their ratings, so you need to check them out.

Barbecue Master is a outdoor cooking blog ran by Cyndi Allison.

She is very passionate about barbecue and outdoor cooking and has been writing online for about 14 years now. 

She started the Barbecue Master before 10 years and has constantly updated it with wonderful and delicious BBQ recipes and Cooking tips.

BBQ Dry Rubs is a cool barbecue and cooking blog ran by David Somerville.

He posts a lot of grilling recipes, tips and tricks.

He also has shared a massive guide, all in one free e-course on "How to Make Sausage at Home" on his site, so you should definitely check him out.

BBQ Food 4 U is another great bbq blog ran by Jason King.

He is a very friendly and cool guy, who loves to share his cooking knowledge and passion with everyone. 

On his site, you can find a lot of cool and easy recipes, especially at the video section, which has more than 90 BBQ video recipes.

He also has a great YouTube Channel called The Backyard BBQ Show, so if you are looking for great video recipes, you should definetly subscribe to his channel.

The BBQ Guide is a cool outdoor cooking blog, covering almost everything bbq related.

You will find a lot of great recipes to try, different grilling and smoking techniques as well as some amazing tips and tricks.

Go and check them out if you are interested in learning something bbq related.

BBQ Junkie is a barbecue and cooking blog ran by Luis Ramirez.

He has posted a ton of recipes on his blog, which are both delicious and easy to make. 

His blog has also a Shop Section, where you can buy a cool BBQ T-Shirt, if you want to show your passion for BBQ with everyone.

BBQ Rubs, as the name suggests, is a grilling/barbecue related site mostly focused on bbq rubs but not only.

You will find a huge variety of rubs, seasoning as well as different bbq recipes to try by yourself.

Go check them out and pick a great BBQ Rub to try on your next cook.

Big Butz BBQ Sauce is a great site featuring a ton of amazing outdoor cooking articles.

Their blog section is filled with hundreds of delicious and easy barbecue recipes.

If you want, you can purchase their BBQ Sauce and use it on your recipes. It comes in different flavors and is priced very reasonably.

Big Green Craig is a massive outdoor cooking blog ran by Craig.

He is a very passionate about grilling and really knows what to post on his blog.

Starting from great and delicious recipes, tutorials, tip & tricks, events, pictures etc. you can find almost everything grill related to his site.

If you are looking for an all-in-one grilling/outdoor cooking blog, then Big Green Craig is the right place.

Big Wayner's BBQ is a blog about reviews for BBQ sauces, rubs, tools and barbecue restaurants, as well as bbq contest recaps.

It is ran by "Big Wayner" & "Big Al", which are both certified BBQ judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

If you are looking for a full blog dedicated to BBQ Reviews and Contest Recaps, then this is the one.

Cooking Outdoors is a grilling/cooking blog ran by Gary House.

He is a very nice guy, who loves outdoor cooking and likes to share his knowledge and passion with every one.

He has been a judge for several BBQ/Cooking competitions and has a great cooking show on YouTube, called "Cooking Everything Outdoors".

If you are looking for high quality articles and cooking videos, then you should follow his blog and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Cookshack is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for any kind of barbecue equipment.

They have been in business for more than 50 years and they surely know what they are doing.

You can find almost everything bbq related, including high quality smokers, grills, sauces & spices and any other type of bbq gear.

If you are planning to purchase a bbq smoker or any other bbq gear, you should definitely check the Cookshack out.

Cowgirl's Country Life is a great cooking/grilling blog which has won several blogging awards.

You can find a lot of great and delicious recipes, as well as some detailed building articles for those folks who like DIY projects.

If you are looking for a blog focused on delicious recipes and DIY projects, then you should give Cowgirl's Country Life a visit.

Dirty Smoke BBQ is another barbecue blog worth following.

You can find a lot of great grilling/cooking recipes, how-to articles, reviews and competitions posts.

If you want detailed and delicious recipes, honest reviews and easy how-to articles, then go check Dirty Smoke BBQ out.

Dulcet Cuisine is founded by Pam Kraemer and is ran by her and her sister-in-law Alison.

They both love sharing their knowledge and passion with the world and you will only find high quality delicious recipes on their blog.

Extraordinary BBQ is another cooking/grilling blog ran by Kevin Haberberger.

He is such a nice guy, who loves to share his knowledge about outdoor cooking with every one, including his secrets and techniques, which will produce you a more delicious BBQ.

Extraordinary BBQ is a blog for everyone, including BBQ Basics posts for the beginners but also, providing useful articles for backyard pitmasters, so no matter what level are you, you should definitely check it out.

Franklin Barbecue is actually a barbecue location in Austin, Texas and not a usually outdoor cooking/grilling blog.

I have visited it when I was in Texas on a vacation and I was amazed by the taste of their brisket sandwich.

On their site, you can find some amazing food photos, press articles, their menu and a pre-order feature, to pre-order your meal to skip the long line if you are going to give them a visit.

Garry's BBQ Pit is a barbecue site ran by Garry.

He is very passionate about grilling and barbecueing and has grilled for many years, including for some bbq restaurants.

On this site, you will find great recipes, bbq cookbook reviews, bbq tips and tricks, bbq diy tutorials as well as some restaurant recommendations.

He has a good knowledge about grilling and bbq, so his articles are worth reading. Go check him out at Garry's BBQ Pit.

Go Blue BBQ is a cooking/grilling site ran by a cool guy named Joe.

He posts a lot of delicious and amazing recipes as well as some interesting DIY projects for you to try.

If you are looking for a grilling/cooking site and like DIY projects, then go visit Go Blue BBQ.

Grill Girl is one amazing cooking/outdoor cooking blog ran by Robyn Lindars.

She is a well known personality in the barbecue world because she is featured in so many competitions and TV Shows.

You will find only the most delicious and the greatest recipes on her blog as well as some amazing food photos.

If you like grilling/outdoor cooking and are not following the Grill Girl Blog, then you should go and check it out asap.

Grill Interrupted is a grilling/outdoor cooking blog which provides a lot of decent recipes for you to try by yourself.

The guy behind the blog posts comparison articles, photo essays, reviews etc.

He has also published his own book, called "Grill Interrupted", and if you want, you can check it out by clicking here.

Grilling24x7 is a grilling/bbq site ran by a guy named John Thomas.

He posts a lot of delicious and easy grilling recipes as well as some solid product reviews.

He writes for several cooking websites, so he really loves grilling and cooking.

Go and check his Grilling24x7 cooking blog. It will not disappoint you.

The guy who is behind the "Grilling Fanatic" blog is called David.

He loves grilling a lot and often post articles about his grilling sessions.

A lot of cool recipes can be found on his blog, so go and check them out.

Hot Smoke BBQ is a cooking blog mostly focused on grilling, smoking and everything bbq related.

You will find a huge variety of grilling and smoking recipes.

Apart from the delicious recipes, you will also find a lot of helping and guide articles as well as some drinking and cocktails recipes.

Go check them out if you are interested on grilling and smoking.

Just Smoked Salmon is another grilling/smoking related site worth following.

They are mostly focused on barbecue and smoker related products but you will find a huge variety of recipes to try.

If you are looking for a site to order some unique barbecue/smoker related products as well as reading some recipes to try on, then the Just Smoked Salmon is the right place for you.

Kamado Jim is a cool grilling/barbecue blog ran by a guy called Jimmy.

He has named his blog after his favorite grill, Kamado Joe and posts a lot of great recipes as well as product reviews, tips and tricks.

He also has a little Shop section on his blog for you to buy grilling related products on amazing prices, so go and take a look.

Mad Meat Genius is a solid blog for those who are looking for a lot of cooking recipes.

All the recipes posted on this blog are very delicious and easy to make and there is a huge variety of grilling/barbecue recipes, so there is something for every one.

Go and check him out, I am sure you will find a great recipe to try today.

Mark's Barbecue World is a cool grilling/barbecue site ran by a guy called Mark.

He posts a lot of cooking articles, recipes, grilling guides, photos and almost everything grill/cook related.

Definitely a cooking/grilling blog to add to your following list and check out frequently.

The Meat Wave is another popular barbecue/grilling blog ran by Joshua Bousel.

He posts a lot of delicious grilling recipes, product reviews,tips and tricks, as well as barbecue contest recaps.

If you love grilling and are looking for solid blogs about barbecue, then you should definitely check out The Meat Wave.

Moose on Fire is a food/bbq blog ran by a Southern Californian cool guy who loves grilling and cooking as much as we do.

He posts a lot of great cooking recipes, illustrated with amazing photos as well as some honest product and food reviews.

Go and give him a visit. I promise you will like it.

Nibble Me This is another great cooking/barbecue blog worth following.

It is ran by Chris Grove who is a very grill passionate guy.

He posts a lot of great recipes as well as some barbecue competition articles.

He has also published a cookbook worth buying, so go and check it out.

Owens BBQ is a cooking/barbecue site focused mostly on promoting bbq related products.

Their most famous product is the Tatonka Dust, which is a sauce powder and charcoal seasoning base mixed with onions, garlics, pepper, salt and some other secret spices, which blend perfectly together and make one of the kind flavor.

If you want to try some new seasoning for your steak or just want to try new products, then you should definitely give the "Tatonka Dust" a try.

Patio Daddio BBQ is a popular barbecue/grilling blog ran by John Dawson.

John has won several awards in different barbecue events and that's for a reason.

John is a very passionate guy and knows what's doing.

He only posts great and delicious recipes as well as some decent product reviews.

Pirate Jonny's is a interesting barbecue/cooking site ran by Jonathan and Terri.

They post a lot of great recipes for you to try or you can check their online store section, where you can find several bbq rubs and seasonings made by them.

All their products are priced reasonably and a lot of people like them.

The Pit Boss BBQ Belt is a e-commerce/bbq blog about barbecue articles and products.

They mostly promote BBQ Tools, especially their very useful "BBQ Tool Belt" product, which I think every barbecue lover should have.

Apart from their BBQ Tools, they also have a Blog Section, where they post a lot of how-to articles and bbq tips.

Pork Barrel BBQ is a barbecue site which promotes national award winning Pork Barrel BBQ Sauces and Spice Rubs.

Apart from their award winning products, you can find recipes and bbq related articles on their Blog Section of the site.

They have been featured in many popular TV, Magazines and also have their own YouTube Channel, so you definitely need to follow them.

Q 4 Fun is a cool and interesting barbecue/grilling blog ran by Steve, which is a certified BBQ judge for Kansas City Barbecue Society and the CBL (Carolina BBQ League).

He loves food and cooking a lot and you will find some great recipes and cooking articles on his blog.

Slap Yo' Daddy Blog is a barbecue/cooking blog ran by a cool guy called Harry.

He is a award winning BBQ Grand Champion pitmaster and cooking instructor, so he is definitely a guy worth following.

He posts only the best barbecue articles, recipes and guides, so you don't want to miss a thing from him.

Smoking Pit is a famous and massive barbecue/cooking blog with lots of decent cooking articles.

You can find almost everything bbq related, including recipes, product reviews, cooking videos, tips, techniques etc.

If you are looking for a experienced blogger who only posts top quality content, you should definitely follow this site.

The BBQ Pit (with Barbeque Man)

The BBQ Pit is a blog ran by Larry Gerber.

He loves bbq and grilling as much as I do and his site is fully dedicated to bbq related articles.

He posts a lot of bbq related recipes, great grilling tips and almost anything barbecue related.

If you are looking for grilling/cooking articles from experienced people who love what they are doing, then this is the right site for you.

The Dutchess Cooks is a cooking/barbecue blog ran by Hanneke (Rianne) Eerden.

As the blog name suggests, she is from Netherlands even though the Netherlands is not famous for bbq, she still makes a lot of decent grilling recipes.

She is very passionate and loves cooking, so you will find a lot of other amazing cooking recipes apart from the bbq ones.

If you are looking for a serious cooking/grilling blog with a lot of decent and delicious recipes, then you should definitely follow this site.

As the name suggests, The Smoker King is a barbecue/grilling blog ran by Aaron Ralston from Texas.

He only posts the best and top quality cooking/grilling recipes on his site as well as some guides, event posts, photos and videos.

The Smoker King is one of the best all in one barbecue site found out there right now which is worth following, so go give it a visit.

The Smoking Ho is a outdoor cooking blog ran by a guy called Jimmy.

He loves barbecue and cooking and has participated to a lot of BBQ Competitions and Events.

In his blog, you can find cooking recipes as well as detailed events and competition posts.

Three Dogs BBQ is a cool blog about almost everything bbq related.

You can find a lot of articles about competition BBQ, grilling, cooking, different recipes as well as product and restaurant reviews.

Check them out now to not miss any other update.

TMBBQ is a massive barbecue and outdoor cooking site.

It is a multi-platform community for all people around the world who love barbecue.

They have a lot of articles to help you find great joins but also serves as a source for bbq related news, interviews, events and stories.

If you are a barbecue guy/girl, you should definitely follow this site.

Too Sauced To Pork is a barbecue related site about the bbq competition team with the same name.

They post mostly photos and detailed event articles as well as some videos or merchandise shopping.

If you are into competition bbq, then go check them out.

WhiteTrash Barbecue is a site ran by a fire obsessed guy who loves sharing his knowledge and passion with the world.

He posts grilling/cooking recipes, guides and barbecue related articles as well as some BBQ Participation Contests posts.

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