Which is The Best Steak For Stir Fry

Is it safe to assume that we all think steak is amazing? We use it in lots of everyday meals, like steak tacos, breakfast sandwiches, surf and turf, or even just by itself is still pretty tasty. There are some steak dishes that should be seen and made more often in restaurants, like steak stir fry.

There are several types of steaks and other meats we can use to make steak stir fry, but many may not know what those types may be.

What Cut Of Beef Is Best For Stir Fry?

Everyone will have a different opinion on this, but most will say that flank steak is the best cut for stir fry. While there are other popular options to choose from, this is at the top of most lists.

Here are some of the most popular options when it comes to picking the best beef cut for stir fry:

Most Recommended Steak Cuts for Stir Fry

While there might be a lot of steak cuts which can be used for stir fry, the list below includes the most recommended cuts for stir fry to get the best results: 

Flank Steak


Flank steak is a very thin and long cut of meat that derives from cow’s belly muscles. It contains an intense flavor in which most meats simply do not have.

Skirt Steak


This is a flat and long cut of beef steak that comes from the plate. While similar to flank steak, the skirt steak is known more for the flavor than it is for its tenderness.

Sirloin Steak


Sirloin steak is a cut located at the rear of the cow. It is split into two sections; the top and the bottom. The top is known for being more tender than the bottom.

Rump Steak


Rump steak is a boneless cut of beef and it sits between the bottom (sirloin) and the top.

The above steak cuts are the most recommended for stir fry. But, if you would like to use another cut, here is a list with some alternative options to stir fry:

Other Cuts


Round Steak

This cut comes from the rump and the rear leg and is made up of three different parts. The round steak is generally not a popular choice for most dishes. Many don’t even enjoy it by itself.

Strip Steak

This one sounds fancy due to the different nicknames it’s received, but it’s just a cut of meat that is from the short loin. The short loin is located in the center on top of the body. In other words, the strip cut is what’s left over after you remove the tenderloin from the short loin.

Vacio Steak (Bravette)

Adored by Argentinians, the vacio is the primal cut of a flank steak. It hangs under the loin and takes the shape of a diamond. It roughly weighs between four and five pounds.

Flat Iron Steak

Boneless top chuck and/or the butler’s steak comes from the shoulder area, also known as the top blade portion of the cow.

T-Bone & Porterhouse Steak

T-Bone & Porterhouse steak are both cuts from the forward part on the short loin of a steer. The Porterhouse is just a tad thicker and provides more tenderloin than standard T-Bone cut. 

Hanger Steak

The hanger steak is the cut that comes from the short plate.


This is a cut from the short loin and is considered to be some of the finest steak in the world.

Ribeye Steak

Used from the rib, this cut is prominently known as the best cut of beef for its flavor and texture.

Bottom Sirloin

This particular cut is split up into three different cuts known as the rear, the top and the bottom section of the cow.

Top Sirloin

This cut is derived from the upper section of the butt and is considerably larger than the T-bone steak. Many consider this to be one of the best steak for stir fry.

How to Cook Steak for Stir Fry


There are numerous ways to help create more tenderness to your steak without adding any extra ingredients. Using a meat tenderizer is a top choice for doing this, but you can also use a marinade, add salt, cook it on low heat slowly, allowing it to hit room temperature prior to cooking, resting it and slicing it against the grain are some other ways.

Common Mistakes when Cooking Steak for Stir Fry


Here is a quick list with some of the common mistakes people make when cooking steak for stir fry:

  • Never cook steak straight from the fridge
  • Do not add spices until it is ready to be cooked
  • Cooking it on heat that’s too low
  • Forgetting to season the steak altogether
  • Using low quality meat
  • Not allowing the meat to rest
  • Not seasoning the meat enough or thoroughly
  • Using the wrong cooking fat
  • Not letting the pan get hot enough
  • Cutting into the meat without allowing it to rest first after cooking

How Long Should You Cook Steak for Stir Fry

Honestly, there is no right answer to this question. Everybody has a difference in opinions and taste to how “done” they like their steaks and/or steak stir fry. Regardless of the type of steak you are consuming, all beef products should be at 145 degrees Fahrenheit to be eaten.

Steak Stir Fry Doneness Level

Doneness Level

Doneness Description


Rare or “bloody” does not require much cooking time and is one of the more preferred options for steak


Depending on the steak, this may or may not include blood. It takes a few minutes longer than cooking it to rare, but not by much.


This takes roughly nine minutes and is one of the most popular choices for steak.


This may have a tiny bit of pink in the middle, but not a whole lot.


Typically, having a well-done steak may result in overcooking it and generally takes a lot longer.

Cooking Tips


Resting Your Steak - This last bit is one of the most important things to consider. Not allowing your steak to rest for a minimum of three minutes before cutting into it, you risk losing a lot of the flavor and juices to it. 

Remove 5°F before ideal temperature - Steak continues to cook even after being pulled from the grill. It is a good idea to remove it roughly five degrees before reaching its desired temperature for this reason.

Flip and rotate your steak - There are parts of the grill that get hotter than others, so evenness is a factor to take into account.

Best Stir Fry Recipes for Steak Cuts


As mentioned in the upper paragraphs, the flank cut is the most popular choice for steak stir fry.

However, there are several recipes that use different cuts. Take a look at some recommendations:

Quick Beef Stir Fry

This recipe was found on AllRecipes and is one of the quickest ways to make steak stir fry and probably to be considered one of the healthiest options. 

Low Calorie Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

Another quick & great stir fry recipe, found on TheSpruceEats. This is probably the most extreme healthy option you can find out there, as it only contains 398 calories per serving. This particular recipe uses sirloin steak, making it healthy as well as delicious. 

Flank Steak Stir Fry

This recipe uses the popular Flank Steak cut, which is considered some of the best steak for stir fry. We found it on the TasteOfHome website and totally recommend you to try if you are going for the flank steak cut. 

Stir Fry Sauces

Some popular choice ingredients for easy stir fry sauces include:

  • Soy Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Cornstarch (for thickness)
  • Honey

These sauces are extremely easy to make, even for someone just starting out. You learn what you enjoy as you learn to make them. If one ingredient doesn’t work for you, try a different one. 

Final Thoughts

To make a decent steak stir fry, it all depends on your personal taste, flavor, tenderness of the meat and your preference to doneness to decide which options are best for you.

These are all important aspects to consider when making a steak stir fry for another individual, as they may enjoy different side dishes, ingredients and steak. Making something that someone doesn’t enjoy usually turns out to be a negative experience. Good luck in your journey with steak!

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