Maverick ET-733 Review

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Maverick is one of the most well-known thermometer brands out there, with a lot of best-selling products for a couple of years.

The ET 733 is their latest addition to the digital wireless thermometers market, which has already gotten a lot of good reviews and sales.

But, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

We wrote a full Maverick ET733 review, covering all its benefits, drawbacks and other things to have in mind when picking this model.

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In a Rush? Our Editor's Conclusion:

  • Nice Design
  • 32° - 572°F Temperature Range
  • Pretty Accurate
  • 300 Feet Range from Transmitter
  • Two 7" Long Hybrid Food Probes

Maverick History & Customer Reviews


Maverick Industries, Inc. is a very well-known and established brand when it comes to consumer products, such as thermometers and other cooking devices.

It is founded in 1981 and quickly become known for its innovations by continuously producing and introducing upscale, high-quality grills across the country.

Later on, the company evolved to producing digital cooking thermometers, for oven and grill, and many other specialty units.

Currently, the Maverick is the holder of nine U.S. utility patents and multiple design patents, primarily related to cooking thermometers and kitchen appliances.

The Maverick brand is committed to quality, innovative technology and partnering with premier brands to offer the best cooking thermometers for its customers.

Why You Need a Food Thermometer?

There are a couple of reasons why picking a food thermometer may be good for you:

  • Serving Safe Meat
  • More Delicious Meat
  • Safely Store Your Food

Serving Safe Meat

Safety is critical, especially when it comes to food.

Cooking at the right temperature will kill the bacteria and foodborne pathogens.

And with different types of food having different minimum recommended cooking temperature, a food thermometer will take out the guesswork and will give you accurate readings for every type of meat.

Quick Overview on Maverick ET-733 Thermometer

Maverick ET-733 Technical Details

  • Temperature Range: 32-572°F (0-300°C)
  • Accuracy: ~2°F
  • Probe Length: 7" Hybrid Cooking Probes
  • Remote Range: Up to 300 Feet Away
  • Power Source: 4 x AAA Batteries

The Maverick ET-733 digital grill thermometer gives you the ability to monitor your food without even being behind it.

This device comes with a receiver, a transmitter and two probes which can be left on two different pieces of meat to continuously get internal temperature data simultaneously.

The range is pretty impressive, working perfectly from up to 300 feet away. If you forget and get slightly out of the range, a beeping noise will continue, to notify you to get closer.

With this device, you can set multiple alarms to ring when the food reaches a specific temperature, making it very useful, so you don’t have to watch the transmitter all the time.

It also has pre-programmed temperature preset for foods like beef, lamb, pork, chicken, etc. so you won’t have to set up the temperature manually each time you cook but just select a profile instead.

Based on our test, we found this model pretty accurate and consistent. Even though it takes a couple of seconds to read the temperature, still at the end, it was pretty accurate.

The 7 inch long probes make it possible to read temperatures ranging between 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two small things which we didn’t like was the automatic turn off feature to save battery life and the need for a screwdriver to change the batteries.

Overall, all the Maverick ET 733 Reviews are very good as it is a pretty solid device, with multiple capabilities, which will fulfill any temperature measuring need you may have. This device comes with a 90-day warranty and the company offers telephone and email support, in case you need help.

Key Features of the Maverick ET-733

What We Like

  • Nice Design
  • Large Screen
  • Wide Temperature Range (32-572°F)
  • Pre-Programmed Temp Presets
  • Multiple Color Options

The Maverick ET-733 is a transmitter and receiver type of thermometer. It uses the included two probes to read the temperature and send it to you via the receiver.

The two probes can be used to read two foods at the same time or you can use one for the food and one for the pit. While most people don’t need to know the pit temperature since most grills and smokers come with a built-in thermometer on the lid, it is still good to have them as an extra option.

The device included 15 pre-programmed presets to make even easier picking and setting up the desired temperature. You will get an alarm when your food is done so you won't have to monitor the temperature all the time.

Also, you can use the alarm feature to get a notification if the pit temperature goes more or less the desired point.

The temperature range is 32 to 572°F, which is more than enough for most people.

The receiver features a large, clear display on the front, which become very easy to read after using the device once or twice.

Also, the receiver gives you a notification if you go out of the 300 feet range, which is pretty good as the strong signal will be helpful if you have a lot of walls between you and the grill.

Other worth mentioning options is the switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius and the clip to hook and hang the transmitter when you are not using.

Design and Construction


Maverick Transmitter, Receiver, 2 Connected Probes & Probe Clips

As for design, the Maverick ET-733 features a shiny black, simple design. It is primarily made of plastic and has a big screen on the front, together with a combination of buttons.

Some people find the buttons a bit confusing at first, but once you use them for a few minutes, they get used to them.

The built quality is pretty good for a plastic construction. Both, the transmitter and the receiver feel solid when you hold them in hand, giving you a safe and comfortable feeling.

As for the probes, the build quality can depend on each customer. A few find them very good and accurate while some others report that they are not as accurate as advertised.

The Maverick’s online manual states about +(-)2°F accuracy but a few tests show the error scale to be up to 5°F, which can make a difference, especially if you are cooking a rare steak and without knowing, it is cooked to medium doneness level.

Maverick's Cooking Probe

The Maverick ET-733 model comes with two hybrid probes, which are suitable for different kind of foods, not only meat.

This may be an advantage or a slight disadvantage over other competitors including only meat focused probes.

These issues may also be related to the probes being wet or washing them before using.

The instruction manual prevents and highly recommends you to not wash or submerge them in water, at least not before using them, as the water may go inside and impact the reading quality.

Most of the people haven’t had any issue but still, it is better to mention and review each case, even though it may be due to people not following the proper instructions.

Also, another issue with these probes is that they are about 7” long, much larger than most of other thermometers probes currently on the market.

If you are cooking small cuts of meat, they can leave a big hole on the food, ruining your presentation.

When it comes to reading’s speed, these probes are not the fastest one. As you may expect from a digital thermometer, it will take a couple of seconds before showing you the temperature.

It is completely normal for this type of thermometers to take that long to read the internal temperature. While an instant-read thermometer takes only 1-2 seconds, these models will take a couple of seconds longer.

The issues with the probes should definitely be considered however we think that if you take good care of them and follow the instructions properly, you will not have any issue.

Also, you can always buy a replacement probe to have as a backup. There are several models available to pick, very durable, waterproof and accurate. 

Ease of Use


Selecting Temperature Preset after Connecting the Probes

As for ease of use, the Maverick ET-733 is pretty good. It is very easy to set up as soon as you get it out of the box.

The probes insert into the food very easily, thanks to their sharp tip. You also have to make sure they are properly connected with the transmitter by giving them a nice push.

The receiver comes with a lot of pre-programmed temperature profiles, for foods such as beef, lamb, chicken, fish, rabbit, etc., making it very easy to set up and start cooking.

You can even customize the temperature of profiles to match your desired point of doneness level.

There are dedicated buttons to navigate and perform different tasks but a lot of people find it a bit confusing at first to use them. You will find them very simple once you use the device once or twice. There are a lot of tutorial videos and instructions on the Maverick’s website, to make the learning process even easier.

One small thing, which we think is pretty annoying, is that it requires a screwdriver to open the batteries box. It will not feel good if you ran out of battery in the middle of a cook and you have to go and find a screwdriver to change the batteries.

Accuracy & Speed

Obviously, accuracy is very important to a food thermometer.

The ET-733 model has an average accuracy of +(-)2°F even though there are some customers who reported a 5°F accuracy range.

Usually, digital food thermometers of this category have an accuracy of +(-)2°F, so it is on the same level as its competitors.

One thing which makes it more accurate is that you can leave the Maverick ET-733 hybrid probes connected even when meat is cooking. It is durable to high temperatures and the continuous measurement will improve the accuracy a lot.

Couple of things you should have in mind is the placement of the probes. You need to make sure the probe is properly placed inside the center and not on the side or near the bone. The location of the probe will directly impact the temperature reading.

As for speed, don’t expect to get the reading in just a couple of seconds. Even the best instant read thermometers take 1-3 seconds to read the temperature.

With a wireless digital meat thermometer, you should wait a couple more seconds to get a better reading.

Again, this is highly improved if you leave the probes connected all the time. Doing so, you will not have to wait to get the temperature but just read the receiver and you are good to go.

Warranty and Support

The Maverick ET-733 comes with a 90-day warranty. It may look like a very short warranty, especially when compared to other competitors on the market, like the ThermoPro TP20 which is offering 1 year extendable up to 3 years warranty, but it can be enough to test and see if you like the product or is there is something faulty.

As for support, the Maverick offers telephone and email help in case you have an issue or need to ask a question.

What We Don't Like

  • Need Screwdriver to Change Batteries
  • 90-Days Warranty


Two of the disadvantages which we don’t like about this model are the need for a screwdriver to change the batteries & a few customers reporting faulty probes.

We think that the need for a screwdriver to change the batteries is pretty annoying as you need to go and find the screwdriver every time the batteries ran out.

As for the customers which have reported faulty probes, we noticed that most of them mention that they go faulty especially if they are wet.

Receiver on the Back Side

We found out that the Maverick Inc. has clearly stated in the instructions that you should not wash or get water in the probes, especially before cooking, as the water may get inside and impact the reading accuracy.

However, we think that if you follow the instructions carefully, you will not have any issues with the probes.

Maverick ET-733 Video Review

Final Thoughts

In a Rush? Our Editor's Conclusion:

  • Nice Design
  • 32° - 572°F Temperature Range
  • Pretty Accurate
  • 300 Feet Range from Transmitter
  • Two 7" Long Hybrid Food Probes

Maverick ET-733 may not be as fast as an instant-read thermometer in reading the temperature but it is pretty accurate.

You can monitor multiple foods at once, it has a wide temperature range and the pre-programmed presets make it easier to choose the desired doneness level.

If you want an overall good digital thermometer, with tons of features and customizations, then the Maverick ET-733 is the right choice for you.

How to Use the Maverick ET-733

Since some users find it a bit difficult to get used to the Maverick’s ET-733 interface, here it is a quick guide on how to use this model.

Of course, if you want a more depth tutorial, you can read the user’s manual.

First, as soon as you get it out of the box, you should insert the batteries and you are good to go.

After you have connected the probes, insert one probe towards the center of your food. Make sure it is really the center and the thickest part, so you don’t misread the temperature, especially if the probe touches a bone.

After you have inserted the probe, then you can select one of the pre-programmed presets or enter manually your desired target temperature by using the High or Low buttons.

Then, you are ready to go. Leave the transmitter on the grill/smoker and take the receiver with you to get real-time updates of the food temperature.

Oven, Grill or Smoker? Which is the Best Way to Use this Model?

Who Should Buy the Maverick ET-733?

If you are wondering if the Maverick ET-733 is the right choice based on your needs, then let me tell you who is this model for.

If you know the importance of the meat internal temperature, then you should definitely pick this one.

An overcooked or undercooked chicken breast will not taste as great as a perfectly cooked one. This thermometer will allow you to constantly monitor the internal temperature and avoid overcooking or removing it from the heat before it is ready.

The Maverick ET-733 has a unique style and design, several presets and good receiver range. The combination of these features, especially the pre-programmed presets, make this model very good for the newbie griller.

So, if you are a beginner and don’t know very good recommended cooking temperatures for different foods, then you should consider picking one.

Who Should Consider Another Model?

If you are tech-savvy and want to have a smart thermometer, then the Maverick ET-733 is not the best possible solution for you.

Even though it is one of the best wireless digital thermometers, it lacks the advanced technological features, making it not good if you want to have the latest technology implemented into your thermometer.

The transmitter only connects to the receiver, so you are committed only using one unit to read the food’s temperature.

Tips to Use Your Thermometer to its Full Potential

#1 - Always Check the Surrounding Temperatures

It is very common for thermometers to get ruined because the cables or probes touch or are left on a temperature which is a lot more than the recommended max temperature. If the thermometer is measuring a lot more than the recommended maximum, the cables will get damaged or the probe may go faulty.

#2 - Clean the Probes Tips

One thing to have in mind which can impact your results is to keep the tips of the probes clean. If there is food debris or build-up carbon, it can insulate the sensor and give you a false reading.

This is not good for the probes and for your food, since the sensor may read much lower than the actual temperature, resulting in overcooking your meat.

One quick solution to clean the tips is to use a wet towel or papers to wipe off any build-up carbon you see. Make sure to not fully submerge the cables and to wait for the water to fully evaporate, so it will not impact the sensor.

#3 - Make Sure the Cables & Probes are Connected Properly

A lot of people complain that the probes are not working properly or the transmitter is faulty. In fact, they haven’t properly connected the cables, so the probes sometimes make a connection and sometimes not. Make sure to push them properly into the place and do a quick pre-check to see if they are loose or not.

#4 - Probe Placement

Most people, especially beginners, make a mistake when placing the probes. They place them on the surface of the meat, which will not tell the real internal temperature.

The probes should be placed towards the center, about 2 inches away from the surface of the meat. 

Also, for some types of meat, it will be impossible to insert 2 inches deep, so feel free to play around and find the sweet spot, but just keep in mind to aim for the center.

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