Meat Slicer Reviews – Best Home Food Slicer Buying Guide

Is there anyone who doesn’t like meat sandwiches, roast, ham, and other tasty sandwiches stacked with paper thin delectable goodies?

But the thing is that not everyone has a good food slicer to make the perfect sandwich. If you don’t have the right meat slicer, cranking out several sliced foods can be hectic and time-consuming, especially if you are have a big party or a large family.

Unlike in the past where quality meat slicers were limited to professional kitchens and grocers, today, there are several varieties of models with different features such that most consumers find it hard to determine the best meat slicer.

The subsequent sections of this article is a deep dive of the top five meat slicer reviews to enable you to narrow your choices and hopefully zero in on the one that provides the greatest value.

Quick Consideration List

Our Top Picks for Meat Slicer Reviews

#1 - (Our Editor's Choice) - The Chef's Choice 615 is our first food slicer pick in this list. If you are looking for a family-friendly slicer, then this is our top recommendation. With its 7-inch stainless steel and cast aluminum blade, you will be able to slice foods ranging from 3/4-Inch thick to paper thin deli. It's a well-built, light unit and comes with some great innovative safety features, which make an overall smooth slicing experience when compared to other options on this list. (Full Review)

#2 - The second option in this list is again from the Chef's Choice. Their 609 model features a very durable motor and a locking mechanism to protect the blade between tasks. The 7-inch serrated blade will be able to easily cut meats ranging from 3/4-Inch to deli thin. The difference between this one and the 615 model is that this one comes with a toothed blade instead of a smooth one, making the final output sometimes, a bit uneven. (Full Review)

#3 - The Nesco FS-250 is a high-quality unit, with a very powerful engine and a more larger blade than its competitors in this list. Some stand-out features of this model are its dual safety mechanism and the adjustable thickness knob. If you are looking for a model which is a bridge between home and professional-grade food slicer, then this might be the one for you. (Full Review)

#4 - Elite Gourmet is probably the best cheap meat slicer you can find on the market today. Even though it is one of the lowest priced food slicing models, it still is capable of slicing precisely a variety of foods from razor-thin thick up to 1/2-Inches. Other features worth mentioning of this unit is its 7.5-Inch blade, its weight of just 12 pounds and the adjustable thickness knob. (Full Review)

#5 - The last but not least food slicer in this list is the Best Choice Commercial Deli. It features a 240 Watts motor and a 10-Inch stainless blade, capable of slicing meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits and a lot of other foods. Its thickness capabilities range from 0 to 17 mm thick and a worth mentioning feature which separates this model from its competitors, is the built-in whetstones for sharpening the blade. (Full Review)

Best Meat Slicers Comparison Table



Editor's Rating

Price Range

Blade Diameter/Thickness



7" Blade / Deli-Thin to 3/4" Slices

10 Pounds


7" Blade / Deli-Thin to 3/4" Slices

8.53 Pounds


8.7" Blade / Paper-Thin to 9/16" Slices

13.2 Pounds


7.5" Blade / Razor-Thin to 1/2" Slices

11 Pounds


10" Blade / Paper-Thin to 1/2" Slices

45 Pounds

Reviews of the Best Meat Slicers

This food slicer by Chef’s Choice is one of the top options if you are looking for a home-use appliance.

It has a special lock feature that keeps the food intact in the carriage while not slicing thus limiting access to the blade. With this in mind, Chef's Choice 615 is built for safety and it is a good choice for a home with kids.

It also has built-in cord storage for a tidier working space.

This multipurpose slicer has a 7-inch blade made of stainless steel and cast aluminum. It can slice different foods ranging from 3/4-Inch thick slices to paper thin deli.

The best thing is that it is easy to disassemble and clean. This model is, therefore, the best choice if you prefer a versatile slicer featuring an easy-to-clean design.

Generally, customers are pretty happy with the performance of Chef’s Choice food slicers. Specifically, most consumers consider Chef's Choice 615 to be the best meat slicer because it is easy to clean and lube, well-built, and lightweight. It also has smooth operations. Other desirable features are the safety and storage capability.

On the downside, some consumers are skeptical about it power capability and durability. A few of them mentioned that the appliance stops working after some months. Furthermore, its low-speed motor can cause the blade to smear the surface of the roast, if you don't know what you are doing.

Th​​​​​ings We Liked

  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Smooth slicer operation
  • Innovative safety and storage feature
  • plus
    well built and not too heavy
  • plus
    comes with a sizable serving tray

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not very durable
  • Some Complaints about low Motor speed

Next we have the Chef's Choice 609 Slicer. This is another top performing food slicer from Chef’s Choice. 

The Chef's Choice 609 features a cool-running motor that is not likely to overheat due to prolonged use; it has a fuse in the base that prevents the motor from overheating.

On top of this, the slicer has a locking mechanism to keep the blade protected between slicing tasks.

In terms of construction and design, the Chef's Choice 609 uses die-cast aluminum and stainless steel for nearly all the components including the food pusher. In other models, this component is often made of plastic.

The dimensions of this model are 15 by 10.5 by 10.8 inches and weights about 8.53 paunds.

Like Chef's Choice 615, this model also comes with a serving tray but it is relatively inexpensive when compared to the former. However, the 7-inch serrated blade is relatively smaller than what is found in other top models. The good thing is that it can still chop different sizes of meats ranging from 3/4-inch steak to deli-thin meat. Besides this, it can also slice other food types such as bread, veggies, brisket, cheese etc..

Generally, all its parts which include the pusher, food carriage, and deflector are easy to clean and disassemble. Each component, except the blade, can be easily sprayed and reassembled as the slicing continues. We find its reassembling process to be safe and intuitive thus making Chef's Choice 609 a suitable slicer for both home and outdoor use. While it is not necessary to remove the blade after use, regular cleaning would be ideal.

Th​​​​​ings We Liked

  • Sizable food carriage
  • Built-in thickness guide
  • overheating & surge protection Safety Fuse
  • plus
    Lightweight and easy to clean

Things We Didn't Like

  • Tend to be messy and uneven
  • Comes with a toothed blade, instead of a smooth one

The Nesco FS-250 food slicer is one of the top quality models that have made it to the top of the meat slicer reviews. It features a powerful engine and has a larger blade than most top contenders. Ideally, it is a bridge between home use and professional-grade food slicer.

This 180-Watt model is ideal for consumers who prefer full stainless steel slicer. Other top features include dual safety mechanism and a flexible thickness control knob. However, if you will need thin slices, then this might not be suitable.

The slicer weighs 13.2 pounds and measures 15 by 10.5 by 11 inches. The good thing is that its heavyweight provides enough stability during slicing. Moreover, it is still light enough to be carried around when needed.

The advertised blade size is 8.7 inches. However, according to some users, its actual blade size is 7.5 inches. While its large blade has serrated edges which improve its efficiency to cut through crusty bread and meat, it can also be difficult to sharpen when necessary. The main complaint about the machine, among some consumers, is that it is not super-fast or powerful as perceived.

With that said, most consumers have a positive opinion of this food slicer. Apart from its powerful performance, most consumers like Nesco FS-250 because it is lightweight, easy to clean, can slice all types of food, and it is relatively inexpensive. It takes only a few minutes to detach or reassemble the blade. On top of these, some buyers like the sharp and heavy blade. Most of them find it more useful in a home setting.

Th​​​​​ings We Liked

  • Its blade is heavy and sharp
  • Easy to detach, clean, and assemble
  • Provide great value considering it price
  • plus
    Function smoothly

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not suitable if you consistently need thin slices
  • It is not super-fast as perceived

Elite Gourmet EMT-503B - Best Cheap Food Slicer

This is also one of the best meat slicers on the lower price point. So, overall. with all its standard features, you are getting value for your money.

In fact, it is the lowest priced model among all the top meat slicer reviews contenders in this list and can be easily considered the best budget buy.

With Elite Maxi-Matic EMT-503B, you can cut precisely a variety of foods such as hard cheese, meats, bread, salamis and firm vegetables.

It is capable of slicing these foods from razor-thin thickness up to 1/2 inches.

The model is powered by a 130-Watt motor and features a die-cast aluminum construction, 7.5-inch retractable stainless steel blade, and easy to use design. The rubber feet and larger slicing platform offer the necessary stability. It measures 11 by 9 and 15 inches and weighs 12 pounds.

Another likable attribute of the Elite Maxi-Matic EMT-503B is the safety measures. It comes with secure safety guide to keep the user away from touching the sharp blade while slicing. It also has four anti-skid feet for additional stability while the device is in use.

Apart from the safety features, this model comes with an adjustable thickness dial to allow you to slice your food to desired thickness. Essentially, you can slice meat up to ½ inch thick. Other than meat, you can also slice hard cheese, bread, and firm vegetables with this appliance.

Th​​​​​ings We Liked

  • Lightweight, weigh only 12 pounds
  • It is inexpensive
  • Retractable 7.5-Inch serrated blade
  • plus
    Adjustable thickness dial

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not intended for bulk processing
  • Complaints about device being too slow
  • minus
    Doesn’t work well with slow and sticky foods

Best Choice is an ideal meat slicer for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, bread among other foods. Powered by a 240 Watts electric motor along with a blade sharpener and tilt feature, this slicer gives you one of the fastest food slicing experiences.

The slicer is made of durable and high-quality steel. It has a heavy duty 10-inch stainless blade. Moreover, it has built-in whetstones for sharpening the stainless blade.

The feet of the slicer are covered with skid-proof rubber for extra protection. Likewise, the on-off switch is covered with waterproof material. 

Another desirable feature is the numerical scale knob which allows you to adjust the plate to the desired thickness. It can slice meats from 0 to 17 mm thick.

Generally, the slicer is semiautomatic, thanks to the on-off switch which make it easy to use. The cleaning process is equally easy. Usually, you would only need warm soapy water and bottle brush to clean the disassembled parts.

It is slightly bulkier and heavier than other top contenders. It measures 23 by 19.3 by 8.3 inches and weighs 46.9 pounds. The Best Choice Commercial Deli is also the most expensive among the top contenders. These are the main reasons other models were ranked higher. However, considering Best Choice Commercial Deli performance level, durability, and ease of use, it is worth the investment.

Th​​​​​ings We Liked

  • Powerful motor
  • Built-in whetstone
  • Adjustable numerical knob
  • plus
    Semi-automatic feature

Things We Didn't Like

  • Heavy in weight
  • Relatively expensive
  • minus
    Unfriendly dishwasher

Things to Consider When Choosing a Food Slicer


Sometimes, a meat slicer could be the kind of machine you might not know you are missing it until you use one. If you crave for that deli sandwiches but don’t want to waste money and time visiting your favorite shop, then a meat slicer may be what you need.

Considering the performance level, reliability, ease of use, safety, and size, Chef's Choice 615 is a clear winner of this meat slicer reviews round-up. With its multipurpose 7-Inch stainless steel blade, you can slice a variety of foods up to 3/4 -Inch thick. The special button secures food in the carriage when the device is not in use. While it might be relatively expensive than other models on this list, it is worth the investment.

But, if you are a tight budget and still want to enjoy near similar benefits, then Chef’s Choice 609 is a good alternative.

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